Maple Manor Residential Unit

Maple Manor Residential Unit

MAPLE MANOR – (814) 642-9522
Toll Free – (844) 621-4080

  • 16 bed non-hospital inpatient
  • Variable length of stay
  • Professional staff to client ratio 1:2
  • Relapse Track
  • Individual and group counseling
  • Individual treatment plans
  • AA/NA participation
  • Family involvement and counseling
  • Aftercare/Follow up planning


  • Significant history of alcohol or chemical addiction/abuse
  • Adult 18 and older
  • Physically and mentally capable of self care
  • 72 hours chemically free
  • If detoxification services are necessary, arrangements will be made prior to admission with the local hospital detox unit
  • All clients prescribed medication shall be screened regarding the appropriateness of their medications. Based on our licensure as a drug free facility, individuals on certain medications will not be admitted to Maple Manor or IOP and treatment in outpatient may be limited.

For additional information, please contact Thomas Patterson, Maple Manor Program Director at (814) 642-9522 or Toll Free at (844) 621-4080

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