ADAS Employment Policy

A.        Guiding Principles

1.         All recruitment and appointment policies and procedures will be designed to meet or exceed the Equal Employment Opportunity standards.

2.         Discrimination against individuals because of race/color, sex, pregnancy, national origin, age, religion, disability, sexual orientation, or martial status is strictly prohibited, and proof of such discrimination shall be considered sufficient cause to initiate dismissal action from the Board of Directors or the staff, which ever is applicable.

B.        General Requirements For Employment

Applicants for positions at the Executive Commission shall meet the established knowledge, skill ability requirements of the position as specified in the Department of Drug and Alcohol Program, Pennsylvania Department of Health job descriptions.  In addition, the following general requirements shall apply to all applicants:

1.         Age.  Male and female minors under the age of 18, except those 17 years of age who are high school graduates, are subject to the provisions of the Child Labor Law (43 P.S. 41 et seq) and shall have an employment certificate issued by their local school district.  In addition, minors who are 17 years of age and not high school graduates but who have been declared to have reached their academic potential by the chief administrator of their school district shall not need employment certificates.  However, verification of the status of these minors shall be obtained by contacting the school districts in which such minors resided while attending school.

2.         All recovering applicants must be alcohol and drug free for a minimum of two (2) years.

Upcoming Training Opportunities

Alcohol & Drug Abuse Services, Inc. provides DDAP approved in-house trainings that will be reflected under our “Calendar” tab.  To register for training please call 814-362-6517.